Principal’s Address

As Principal, on behalf of the hardworking, dedicated staff and Board of Management of Portlaoise College, I would like to welcome you to our new website and to enter the world of Portlaoise  College

This Website will provide you with a flavour of life here in our school and the opportunity to view the array of pursuits from the academic to the liberal, from sporting to musical, from individual  to team pursuits.

I hope that you take the time to view the pages to get a sense of the wonderful school that we have.

In Portlaoise College we have a strong tradition of students, teachers and parents working together to encourage students to reach their potential. We encourage participation in a wide range of activities to develop skills and attitudes that will assist students as they go on to thrive in further education and in the world of work.

You will be challenged and encouraged in Portlaoise College and you will have the opportunity not just to discern what your talents are but also to use those talents and develop them to their optimum. We offer you a team of top class committed, dedicated teachers whose prime concern is to help you achieve your dreams. And achieve them you will, in a new purpose built school, with state of the art equipment and facilities.

We hope that as you read our school prospectus, visit us in person and investigate the many other successes on our website, that you will gain a flavour of life in Portlaoise College. In Portlaoise  College, friendships are made, unbreakable bonds are formed and the exciting world of knowledge, success and endeavour is open for you. Have no fears about Secondary School, it is a time to be embraced, and enjoyed. You will progress through the years and leave as bright, confident, happy people.

That is indeed my wish for you and I hope we can accomplish that goal together.

Of course, this website cannot take the place of visiting our school, I warmly welcome you to make contact and visit Portlaoise College in Person and discover first-hand what makes our school community so special.

Thanks for viewing our website and I very much look forward to meeting you in person.

Noel Daly


Noel Daly

Principal of Portlaoise College